Monday, April 28, 2008

Things to ponder, little to say

With an follow-up job interview with the publications studio of a media-telecom on Friday, a likely pending job offer from the place I'm currently freelancing with and the hope that my former manager at TELUS can find room in the budget to get me on the team in a more permanent role, my work situation has been on my mind a lot lately. I'm a little overwhelmed by the potential, after this many months without steady employment, that I've suddenly got 3 places showing an interest. I'm also wise enough to know not to "count my chickens". As always, my philosophy in this arena is see what happens, and make the best of whatever occurs.

In other news, Matt and I celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary two weekends ago. I find that nothing really makes a person evaluate a situation like realizing it's been a year since the situation began, but maybe that's just me. I wish I could say that our relationship is ideal, but it isn't. I'm not really decided on if it's tolerable in the long-term, even. Which is probably more information than is socially acceptable for me to share, but I rarely allow such things as social convention to decide whether or not I ought to be vocal. Any way, the three people who still read my blog already know all this.

So, yeah, I've got a fair amount of weighty issues to deal with at the moment, but haven't really been very decisive about any of it.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Another day, another dollar...
...another tower...

Back into the daily slog known as the Working World. Big Pimp found me a four-week placement which I began today. It's in a building I've worked in before, which means the neighbourhood is familiar, at least. The views are spectacular. I'm going to have to bring my camera in for a minor photo-op.

I've been experiencing minor anxiety attacks about this placement for the past several days. I don't know how common this is amongst freelancers, but I found myself worrying (a lot) that I'd hate the place. I've only once been sent to a placement that I was just miserable at, so there was, statistically, no real reason for me to get that worked up about it. My hormones are certainly playing a part in the matter, but I'm really beginning to think that my bum luck at finding a decent full-time job makes me extra-jumpy about ending up at a workplace I can't stand. I guess I'm starting to feel a bit professionally abused — so much so that I've started thinking about a suitable career to switch to. No solid plans just yet, just the vague idea that feeling emotionally-ruined in refernce to a career-choice isn't the sort of mindset anyone should be in.

This morning, I realized that another big part of my anxiety was stemming from a fear that I'd start feeling overwhelmed at home again. I've been finding a great deal of peace in being able to accomplish all the chores I've been wanting to get to while I've been at home. One thing I hate about full-time employment is how it splits your time in two: things you do at work and things you do at home. Keeping on top of both was next to impossible while I worked at Scholastic, and I dread experiencing that sort of pressure again. Mind you, they had a way of eating into home-time and I doubt I'd put up with that sort of situation terribly long anywhere else.

One thing I miss is having friends around to lunch with. Being a freelancer means wandering around the area you're in, but rarely meeting up with people you know. This neighbourhood's terrible for that. Maybe I can get Caty to come join me once a week, or something...

Surprisingly, a lot of the establishments which were in this area two years ago are still around. I guess I've become Yonge-ified, expecting businesses to fold within months.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

I can has jacket?

Produced by Veer.

To explain this concept to people, I've posted the best (and most woeful) example I've seen: