Saturday, August 16, 2014

Custom Spinnerella!

I was awaiting the arrival of some Milliput so that I could complete my Filmation-style "girls", so this week I worked on turning a Flutterina into a Spinnerella. I've done this once before, when I made a Spinnerella for Kara, and learned from my mistakes there so that this version could be much cleaner.

The original Spinnerella (in my personal collection, as she has been since about 1986) is on the right and the repainted Flutterina, with new duds, is on the left. My intent is to put her up for auction tomorrow and see if she sells well.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And while I'm at it...

My modified Angella was completed on August 6th. The auction for this custom went live on Sunday evening.

I've just got Adora, She-Ra and Catra to complete to round out the Series 1 girls who were on T.V.. I'm awaiting an order of Milliput so that I can complete them. I suspect Catra will be up first, then Adora.


Modified Enchanta gear!

Yesterday I completed my work on a modified reins and saddle set-up for Enchanta. The original material used was a filmy plastic sheeting (likely PVC) with notches and stitched seams to attach pieces, which tore much too easily. The saddle was a soft cushion which, in practice, was completely useless for actually saddling up She-Ra toys.

The version I've created made use of a molded, cast, drilled and painted Clawdeen saddle which — in my not-so-humble opinion — was the only practical saddle for all the mounts in the original Princess of Power line-up, as it was the only one into which a toy "clicked" into place. The "blanket" material is now leather, held together with rust-resistant snaps, a much more durable option than the original.

While I was in the process of reworking the practical components, I thought I'd modify the aesthetic components as well, to be reminiscent of the original toy's, but more cohesive. As a result, the lotus motif has been used heavily, reflecting itself in the point on the reins/headgear, the front of the "saddle blanket" and the cut just below the holofoil embellishment. I'm much happier with this iteration than I ever was with the original.


Friday, August 01, 2014

I believe this is what's referred to as a "hat trick"

From right to left: Filmation-style Glimmer, Filmation-style Castaspella, Filmation-style Frosta

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