Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On a day like today...

When one's toddler wakes from sleeping an hour after bedtime, then wakes — screaming, no less — an hour before her usual waking-time and refuses to go back to sleep, then has a day in which the toddler refuses to co-operate with one's plans to run errands, then refuses to nap, it's quite easy to forget to take a picture of the pasta you made from scratch because the errand-running that didn't happen included getting pasta for dinner.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Still recovering, but pampering myself for it

Tonight's dinner was homemade pizza. Mine had bruschetta topping, black olives, sliced mushrooms, crumbled bacon and drizzled mayonnaise on it.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Can't catch a break...

The day before Kara's birthday kicked off what seems to be an unending stream of illness around our house. First, Kara had an ear infection, then Matt and I came down with colds. I had a bout with what may or may not have been food poisoning last week, while Matt came down with another cold. Imagine my joy when yesterday's bout of allergies turned out to be much more fatiguing than allergies. Yup, I've got a cold. As of today, so does Kara. Naturally, she managed to avoid napping, just to add insult to injury. And it seems she'll be cutting her molars soon, just in case we were all feeling just too well-rested recently. It's been a fun month.

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