Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Boy, could I go for a bowl of this right about now

Apparently, I made this on March 3rd of this year, the last time I had a nasty cold. I haven't really had enough energy to wander around the apartment this time, never mind go for a grocery shop to get healthy, soup-making ingredients.

Fortunately, Matt's been keeping a good stock of Habitant soup around (which, as it turns out doesn't tend to use a lot of unnecessary preservatives). I've had pea soup and minestrone, and still have a can of garden vegetable to get to (likely today).

If I manage to find the energy to leave the apartment today, I thought I might get some meatballs, to improvise an Italian Wedding soup.

I've otherwise been having (way too much) orange juice, water, decaf green tea, and whatever starchy foods we happen to have lying around. Oh, and plenty of nap-time.