Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Modified Enchanta gear!

Yesterday I completed my work on a modified reins and saddle set-up for Enchanta. The original material used was a filmy plastic sheeting (likely PVC) with notches and stitched seams to attach pieces, which tore much too easily. The saddle was a soft cushion which, in practice, was completely useless for actually saddling up She-Ra toys.

The version I've created made use of a molded, cast, drilled and painted Clawdeen saddle which — in my not-so-humble opinion — was the only practical saddle for all the mounts in the original Princess of Power line-up, as it was the only one into which a toy "clicked" into place. The "blanket" material is now leather, held together with rust-resistant snaps, a much more durable option than the original.

While I was in the process of reworking the practical components, I thought I'd modify the aesthetic components as well, to be reminiscent of the original toy's, but more cohesive. As a result, the lotus motif has been used heavily, reflecting itself in the point on the reins/headgear, the front of the "saddle blanket" and the cut just below the holofoil embellishment. I'm much happier with this iteration than I ever was with the original.



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