Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another rainy day...

...another day staying late at work. I'm still trying to figure out how I'll unwind tonight. I feel like I've been here for 3 days straight now.

Caty and I were on our respective internet connections earlier today, so we got as close to a chat (via our email accounts) as we're probably going to get for the next two weeks. It was good to get some interactivity happening in our discussion. Caty's usually the person I call up to tell all the meaningless shit that nobody else would sit around and listen to. I serve the same purpose for her, so it's a mutual abuse of our talk-time, at least. :)

Any way, what I'm saying is that I've had a lot of free time without saying all the meaningless stuff that pops into my head, but that I also feel like part of the process of living my experiences isn't happening. I guess that's as close as I'm going to come to saying I miss her, so take it for what it's worth. ;)

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At Wed Jul 12, 06:59:00 pm GMT-4, Anonymous fa_homewood said...

I think it goes without saying that you miss your baby sister. Sisters are supposed to miss one another when one is far away especially when sisters are the best of friends too.

It is a good feeling and to express such thought in words or say it out loud is quite cool, really. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We are all entitled to manifest it in our own simple ways.

Thanks to the wonders of technology - the world has become quite small because distance is really just geography...

But before you know it, you will again see her familiar, sweet face. She's gonna be home soon.

Enjoy another nice dinner and I wonder what you will be 'producing in your factory' tonight.....


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