Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ontario Asparagus is in!

Okay, so the saffron/basmati rice is in keeping with the quality of the asparagus, but the Pinty's Buffalo Chicken Flings don't quite belong in this picure, do they? So I like my bar-food, so sue me. :)

Still, the asparagus is great. I'm so glad the Ontario produce is starting to roll into stores, the imported produce just can't compare.

I also made a chocolate-chip bread pudding to use up the soy milk I had in the fridge. I totally forgot to take a picture before I took a big serving, 'though.

So today's been really low-key, I went grocery shopping this morning and started the laundry. I'm planning of vaccuuming the apartment tomorrow. I've been alternately pleased with the fact that I'll be getting chores done and pissy.

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