Friday, July 07, 2006


Why -- out of all the people I could have been seated next to at this job placement -- did I get the misfortune of having the seat next to the Studio asskiss? For absolutely no discernable reason, he keeps tabs on what the other freelancers are doing, is helpful enough to offer -- often redundant -- tasks for others to do when they have 5 minutes to take a breather, and is constantly providing refresher courses about what constitutes Good Design?

Today, I got to witness him kissing my supervisor's ass whenever she walked into the room (I swear he doesn't let an occassion she's in the Studio pass without speaking to her directly about the useful things he's doing). I received multiple emails from him asking me to place FPO (that's For Positioning Only -- will later be replaced with approved) imagery in my document, rather than proceeding with the proofing process on a project that's already behind schedule. This sort of thing happens in a typical day with him beside me. I've come to expect it. However, the incident that I just about throttled him for today was when he was informing me and a co-worker -- when both of us had received an email yesterday requesting the exact same thing, in writing -- that we were to print hard copy proofs of the cover pages of the pieces we're working on and post them on a board in the Studio. When I said I'd done so last night, he continued outlining the steps I needed to take to complete this (already completed, I'd just finished telling him so) task.

I very much needed to "get a snack". I'm really not sure how I'm going to hold my temper, with this guy beside me.

I seem to be getting along well with the majority of the rest of my co-workers, so that's good. Two of them seemed to be making an effort to be sociable, even.

The Evening was Much Better

Matt and I met up with Laura, Darryl and Colleen(?) tonight. We were at the Pauper (and Something, presumably, but I didn't check) and I had a lovely Hoegaarden (thanks, Bruce, for checking the spelling on that one) and a free(!) Brahma. I think the combination of the two beers and the hyperventilation (that was a side-effect of the constant laughter) caused the extreme giddiness. Mental note, 'though, try not to hold off on peeing so that your bladder is still upset with you after having emptied it.

Still, it was good to see Laura again, and always a riot to have her and Darryl anywhere together.

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At Tue Jul 11, 09:04:00 am GMT-4, Anonymous Geoff said...

That guy needs a wedgie. I feel my blood boiling just reading about him.


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