Friday, June 30, 2006

...and she's gone

So, Caty departed for France yesterday.

After picking me up at Warden station, dad and I went back to their house to retreive mom and Caty and throw Caty's bags in the back. We ran into some insanely bad traffic on the 401, but I was considerably more peeved by the organizational skills of the UofT representatives for the students. Caty was told that someone would be standing around (somewhere on one of the 4 floors at Terminal 1) in a UofT hat. After searching the majority of all the floors for about a half-hour, we finally found the representative on the International Departures floor (as opposed to the Group Travelling floor, thank you, Mr. Airport Security), and were told to get in line for baggage check. One ridiculously long wait later, and those who were flying to France were called into an express baggage check line, since the plane was already being boarded.

I got the distinct impression that mom and dad were apprehensive on Caty's behalf. Dad was trying to be as helpful as possible and mom was just her generally-worried self. I think, with Caty herself being a little anxious about the trip (having never flown before, plus being woefully underslept), they were getting on her nerves a little. I was debating picking up a bag of popcorn for the show I thought I was going to have, but my parents remained calm and collected on the exterior.

I think events were happening too quickly for anyone to really get emotional. There were hugs at the security check gate (always awkward, with my family, them hugs), and we saw no more of her, which probably worked out for the best. Mom was a bit misty, but didn't start bawling in the airport.

Caty ought to be somewhat settled in France by now, as she would have arrived around 5am local time. With any luck, she got some sleep on the plane, but she had a handful of CDs to keep her entertained if she didn't catch a nap.

It'll be odd, not knowing when we'll hear from her again, but at least we know she'll be back in a month to fill us in on everything.



At Fri Jun 30, 10:41:00 pm GMT-4, Anonymous FA_Homewood said...

Hello again, FN...
Indeed a nice send-off at Pearson for our "Cat In France". Good to see too photos of your mom and dad and of course, THE Cat but where were you????...too busy behind the camera, huh? Anyway, thought, I'd visit you first before going to THE Cat's webpage and I tell you, I wasn't your website. I'll spend more time browsing through it later. Thanks again, and for sure, I'll be back.
See you sometime.

At Sat Jul 01, 02:04:00 am GMT-4, Blogger ghanima said...

The funny thing is that I took a really good photo of myself (rare!), but completely forgot to post it. Aw, none of you really like me any way. ;)

At Sun Jul 02, 01:11:00 am GMT-4, Anonymous FA_Homewood said...

Don't be too shy now and let's see that photo of yours at Pearson when you bid goodbye to your sister. You must be missing her a lot already. I still can't believe that she's all grown up and in an adventure like what she's doing in France for a month. It's a good experience for her though.


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