Saturday, June 24, 2006

Furama, take 2

As I recently posted in the sidebar, I am lactose-intolerant. Finding non-dairy "fast" food options can be a very tricky experience, so forgetting my baon can result in gastrointestinal disaster.

I take to Asian food as well as I do not only because it reminds me of my childhood, but also because it rarely includes dairy products. The exception: baked goods.

Furama, sadly, also uses dairy in most, if not all, of their desserts. So imagine my horror when I popped in for a quick bite over my lunch hour yesterday, venturing to try the baked Taro bun (figuring it was a savoury item), only to discover that it was a sweet, probably dairy-laced pastry. Judging from my stomach's reaction this morning, my hunch was right. Mental note: stick with what you know, at Furama.

Lesson learned, I had Chinese take-out from Chinatown Centre for lunch today: 5 items for $3.75. I got the fried rice, crispy chicken, fried tofu in oyster sauce, green beans in oyster sauce and mushrooms in oyster sauce. What can I say? I love the garlic-flavour in the oyster sauce. The food court in Chinatown Centre is ridiculously value-priced, provides generous portions and is of better-than-fast-food quality. There are two places in the food court offering this deal, I've been to the southerly one twice in my life, and have yet to try the one north of it.



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