Saturday, July 01, 2006

A very unusual day...

Scholastic's official holiday for the Canada Day weekend is Monday, but since so many of their employees come in from Richmond Hill and thereabouts and the GO trains are on holiday schedule on Monday, they gave us each the choice of coming in on Friday or Monday. I chose Monday as my holiday, since my big beef with Mondays is that you have to end your weekend on them. :)

There was a bit of a glitch for those of us who went in on Friday, as the building management was informed who'd be going in, but the security company (which controls all of the internal locks within Scholastic) didn't know anybody would be in the office. This meant that we waited until a little after 9am to get entry into Scholastic -- unbeknownst to the security company -- via building management's entry card. By about mid-day, the situation had been sorted out, but by then I'd already decided to forgo lunch altogether, get my work done and leave for home without having to leave the studio for the whole of the workday.

It was weird not being able to just pick up the phone and call Caty, but certainly freed up some time for me. Mom had (of course) worried herself sick over the fact that Caty hadn't called yet and needed me to firmly assure her that Caty was probably far too busy getting her bearings to phone home yet. After calling them around midnight, she called me to give a brief update. It's good to hear that she's already making friends and seems to be adjusting well. I can't say I was actually worried for her, but it was reassuring to hear her perspective on things.

So tomorrow is the first Hawkestone outing of the summer, as part of our traditional, annual Canada Day celebration, and I'm looking forward to it. I'll definitely be feeling Caty's, Bruce's, Jess' and the Mikes' absence, 'though.

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