Thursday, July 16, 2009

What's for lunch?

New placements always bring with them the challenge of what to do for lunch. At my last job (let us never speak of it again), my options for eating out were extremely limited. This was good in that I had to bring lunches in, which tended to be far healthier for me than most bought meals; it was bad in that I had to bring lunches in — a big downside when timelines were tight (as they often were).

My role at Mackenzie has been like "coming home" in a lot of ways. The team I've been working closely with were easy-going and friendly when I first took a role with them 3 years ago. The company's location has changed since then — which would normally mean re-orienting myself within the neighbourhood — but it's very close to the location of the job I held 2 years ago. So, many of the eateries I frequented then remain (although, sadly not all).

One of the new establishments I've been frequenting is Craft Burger (where El Penco used to be — I never did get to try the tamales). I've become a big fan of the organic beef burger with pickles and mayo.

I've also been frequenting one of the chip trucks in front of Nathan Phillips Square, where I usually get a small order of fries and gravy. On the days during which I'm loading up on the high-fat, high-calorie foods, I do my body the favour of walking for most, if not all, of the hour in partial atonement. It's no regular aerobic regime, but it's damn better than eating junk every day and/or not getting any exercise in at all.

In the winter, I was very appreciative of my proximity to The PATH. I frequented many of the numerous food courts accessible there.

Other favourites in the neighbourhood are Corned Beef House, Burrito Boyz (fish taco!) and Mother's Dumplings. I also really like the lunch buffet offerings at India Palace (thanks, Roy!), but I'm sad to report that the offerings don't like me.

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At Fri Jul 17, 09:43:00 am GMT-4, OpenID foodhogger said...

Hey there! Thanks for linking to my blog! Great post - I heart Craft Burger too - although it is a tad overrated. I miss El Penco! :)


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