Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yet another bastardized cassoulet

Is this ever a go-to dish for me, or what? This iteration uses sea salt, cracked black pepper, canned, crushed organic Ontario tomatoes (in juice), organic black turtle beans (all the better to anti-oxidize you with, my dear), one half of an organic yellow onion, a head of organic garlic, a bunch of organic carrots, 3 debrecener sausages from the local farmer's market, and the non-leg meat (which was reserved for confit) of a whole duck.

So — as is usually the case when I shop for ingredients in Toronto — I took a dish from one style of regional cooking (French, in this case), and ended up adding a variety of international ingredients (Hungarian sausage, Latin-American black beans) to create something unique.

The texture of this dish is spot-on, everything is so tender that it all just kind of melts in one's mouth. That said, I definitely prefer the kick that chorizo sausage adds. I'm going to have to remember to add it and the Debrecener sausage to my next batch.

Update: it turns out that the reason I found the sausage's contribution to the dish wasn't substantial is because I forgot to add the sausage! Likely, I will add it to warmed-up preparations.



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