Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dissipating allergies?

It's only in recent years — thanks to The Weather Network's online, local pollen count indicator that I've been able to identify my seasonal allergies as being caused by birch and grass pollen. Historically, birch pollen makes my eyes and palate itchy, with a runny, sniffly, sneezy nose and miserable times all around. Grass season is worse.

Last year, neither of my seasonal allergies made me want to gouge my sinuses out with a spoon — a new development.

Here we are, smack-dab in the middle of birch pollen season, and aside from the occassional sneeze, mildly irritated eyes and slightly cranky palate, things aren't too bad. I've managed to go this much of the season on a mere two allergy pills.

I've heard that people can "outgrow" their allergies. I can't begin to express how much I hope this is what's happening to me.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that grass season is as forgiving.



At Tue May 06, 04:03:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger Austin said...

Maybe you'll get to eat dairy products! And almonds! And stuff!

At Tue May 06, 04:10:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger ghanima said...

I'll be pretty glad if just the seasonal allergies go away — I can avoid everything else.

At Tue May 06, 05:39:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger Emma said...

It helps, I appear to have out-grown all my seasonal allergies.


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