Saturday, March 22, 2008

Soup and sandwich, ghanima-style

After the atrocious food I subjected my body to yesterday (more on that later), I decided I'd go ridiculously healthy with my food choices today. Shown here is today's breakfast: homemade, mostly-organic butternut squash and carrot soup, a churrasco chicken, organic avocado and organic tapenade grilled sandwich on bread from Carousel Bakery, and two small wedges of Ramembert cheese that I picked up at The Big Carrot with Caty last weekend.

I was partly inspired by Slashfood's blended soup tips, and partly inspired by the impressive selection of organic vegetables at Harbourfront Organic Foods to make my own soup. Here's a list of the ingredients used:

  • leeks, white parts only, roughly chopped and sauteed

  • one cube organic, low-sodium vegetable bouillon

  • a lot of ginger (enough that all the soup's heat comes from it), grated

  • a pinch of saffron

  • two small organic butternut squashes, cubed and roasted

  • one bunch organic rainbow carrots (including purple!), cut into large chunks and roasted

  • organic sweet onion, roughly chopped and roasted

  • one head organic garlic, pulled into cloves, peeled and roasted

  • water, as necessary

The colour's not as orange as I would have liked, but I would've had to abstain from using rainbow carrots to obtain it, so overall I'm pleased with the result. The purple carrots just seemed to taste "fuller". Out of all the (admittedly few) soups I've made, this has been my favourite so far.



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