Thursday, March 27, 2008

New and improved!
Does anybody ever market something new and worse?

I've been spending most of this week tweaking my website:

  • the front page, which previously featured a static image of some of my work, now makes use of hyperlinks (Dan suggested an image map, I went with CSS)

  • my resume has been updated to reflect some of the new software I've been working in, and to include some freelance clients of mine (again, with hyperlinks)

  • my portfolio has been updated to showcase 3 new pieces (nothing special, but good for exhibiting my range)

  • My HTML-based GIF "buttons" have been replaced with Flash buttons (with rollover effects)

  • I've done away with the cheesy gradients on the headers and developed a vector-based abstract design that's fluid to 1680 pixels, and shouldn't look truncated beyond that

I'm vexed to report that the site looks like a hot mess in IE7 — well, a lot of my meticulous spacing is for naught, any way — but as most of the people I'll be sending to my website are smart enough to be using Firefox or Safari, I'm not going to let browser compatibility be too big a concern for me (this time). Screenshots are welcome.



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