Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bread pudding explosion!

Last night I decided to use up the strawberries I had in the freezer by throwing them into a bread pudding. I added sugar and vanilla to the berries, reduced them on the stovetop, and added the resulting "jam" to the bread pudding, finally pouring some chocolate chips on top. The rest of the bread pudding is made with eggs, soy milk, vanilla and a little sea salt.

The baked dessert looked a little like it was trying to crawl out of the casserole dish in a bid for global domination.

I got to have some tonight and I was very pleased with the results — the strawberries add a bit of tartness to the pudding, which complements the chocolate, and not adding sweetener of any kind to the bread pudding itself means the whole dessert isn't overpoweringly sweet. The bread I used was a "country boule" — a crusty shell surrounding a fresh, slightly "grainy" interior — my favourite kind of bread for puddings, because it results in a slightly textured and very absorbent custard-medium.



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