Thursday, June 12, 2008

57 kinds

Last Monday,I began working again — on a year-long contract — at Rogers Media, in their Custom Communications, Healthcare & Financial Services Group. In layman's terms, I'm designing and producing magazines and ads for their financial and healthcare clients.

I spent most of Monday being trained by the previous freelancer. In the L-shape desk that is now mine, that meant looking over my left shoulder for most of the day. So I woke up on Tuesday morning with a sore neck. Which went into spasms around noon. Which were so bad that it made walking difficult. Which my doctor prescribed a powerful muscle relaxant for. Which knocked me out every time I took it. Which meant I missed a full day of work on Wednesday.

All drama aside, my neck is almost 100% again, I've tidied and organized my cubicle, and am adjusting nicely to the workflow. I'm confident that I could have a good career here.

Of course, the reason I was hesitant to post about any of this is because these guys and I are in negotiations to get me working with them, for considerably higher pay, benefits and higher-profile clients. It's quite possible that I'm going to have to give two weeks notice to Rogers by week's end.

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