Friday, January 18, 2008

Yet more ketchup.

TELUS didn't disappoint, and I'm pleased to report that my work there was appreciated. My last day for this term was Tuesday. It's likely that I'll be asked back for another employee's paternity leave for four weeks beginning mid-February, so I'm likely to pass up the longer-term contracts that I'm approached with until I know whether or not that will pan out.

Our shower was finally repaired by Monday of this week (got to move back into the bedroom on Saturday), so I spent the majority of Wednesday vacuuming up all the dust that accumulated over the past month of not bothering. Following that, I mopped all the tiled surfaces. The resultant mop-water was a disgustingly rich gray.

Matt and I went to Harbourfront Centre with some of "the gang" for a skate. I fell and got a bit of a goose-egg on my left hip. Had fun just the same.

On Thursday, I caught up on as much paperwork as I could. There was a lot.

I also completed the French onion soup I'd been working on since Monday night. It's yummy.

I've still got a few minor tasks left to take care of (hand-washing my sweaters, pulling the paperwork I'm going to need for 2007's tax return, making DVD back-ups of the contents of my hard drive) before I can kick back and relax again. Aaaah, won't that be nice?

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