Thursday, January 03, 2008


In what is hopefully a sign of things to come, I've returned to TELUS for a two-week stint while a freelancer I used to work with is on vacation in Brazil.

It's nice to be able to slide into a place and just know how things work. Orientation is probably the most taxing thing about starting a new gig. Additionally, having so many familiar faces around certainly does take the sting out of jumping back into my field for the first time in a few months (professionally, any way).

I'd heard that there have been a lot of staffing changes — rarely a good sign — but the atmosphere around here doesn't seem to have changed much. Some of the social dynamics have altered, but it's still pretty laid-back around here, and nobody minds when co-workers are being chatty. The music that's being played is a bit "dance" for me, just like it was two years ago, but not bad as background music.

The verdict for Day 1 seems to be that this is still the best place I've freelanced at. Well, here's to hoping they'll need me around somewhat regularly.



At Thu Jan 03, 01:32:00 pm GMT-5, Blogger MiraFabulous said...

Very cool!

but no skiping out on Monday okay - I miss you guys!!


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