Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pre-Christmas Ketchup
  • Generally, my co-workers at a throw-away job were far easier to relate to than people in my industry

  • RenĂ©e was probably the best boss I've ever had, and an honest, friendly person

  • Michelle was just as awesome at gift-wrapping as she is at Graphic Design

  • Pam was possibly the most easy-going, fun-loving person I've ever worked with

  • Some people are just spacey, working with them sucks

  • Sometimes people who come across as hard to relate to are just not comfortable with themselves enough to feel comfortable with you, yet

  • Maybe 1% of the people you deal with, as a gift-wrapper, are out to have a miserable time, and make you miserable too

  • Another 9-ish% of people are so particular/control-freak that they'll make you pretty miserable/pissy/amused

  • About 0.5% of people go out of their way to make you feel appreciated, and remembering them is what helps you deal with the 10% who suck

  • Working near a daycare is also a great pick-me-up

  • Children's Christmas Concerts will make your week

  • Wrapping gifts all day is physically demanding

  • Standing on your feet all day makes them hurt

  • Sauconys and cushy socks make all the difference in the world

  • Being physically exhausted feels way better than being mentally or emotionally exhausted

  • This was the most fun I've had at a job since the early days at AKA. If I'm free to do it again next year, I'm all over it.



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