Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Much better

Today's lunch was courtesy of Rasoee, an Indian "fast food" franchise. The location I went to was at Spadina and Richmond, and I had the curry chicken lunch which, bare bones, came with a side of basmati rice. Despite the fact that there wasn't a side vegetable (usually a given, when dealing with similar establishments), the food was really very good and inexpensive. The chicken curry was flavourful, but culinary thrill-seekers might be disappointed in the lack of heat. Surprisingly, the portion I had contained no bones or gristle — also usually a given when dealing with similar establishments.

Verdict: Good, cheap food, if not the most balanced meal you can get.



At Fri Dec 08, 08:43:00 am GMT-5, Anonymous ruth said...

Hmmm... Curry without heat? I might have to check that out! I'm tired of having to bail on group lunch outings because I can't handle spicy heat of most of the Indian establishments they frequent. And cheap is a nice bonus ;)


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