Monday, November 20, 2006

Relaxing, yet strangely productive, weekend


I'm still undecided on whether or not Friday went as well as I would have liked. I ended up having a great time, but it started off pretty miserably. I took the day off for a dentist's appointment in the morning. Fridays off are always a great way to start the weekend, but less so when you discover that you've got a cavity. With no food in my stomach, I decided to proceed with a lower jaw freezing to get the cavity filled same-day. I was warned not to eat until the freezing had worn off, as others have apparently caused a great deal of damage to their inner-cheek and tongue while attempting to eat beforehand. I was therefore eating breakfast at 1pm, then set up the office to accomodate the scanner I purchased. I had a quick snooze in time for Bruce to call me up to say that he didn't think we'd be able to watch Cedar — a band that one of my co-workers is in — play that night. Finding a solution to his problem, he called me back to say we were on. My jaw still felt bruised from where the needle went in, but I was optimistic that it would feel better by the following morning.

The band that opened for Cedar was really quite miserable, but Cedar, themselves, played a great set. Sadly, the bar emptied once they finished, leaving the solo musician who followed them to call it an early night four songs into his set.

The ladies behind the bar seemed to like me a great deal. I suspect they're used to their bar being a beer-joint for the neighbourhood men, so it must have been quite refreshing that I was dreaming up shots they'd never heard of. They were kind enough to give me a free shot for providing a bit of liveliness to their evening.

Bruce and I walked back to Bloor station from the bar, and it was then that I noticed the alcohol had caused the bruised sensation in my jaw to dissipate. Lovely, lovely booze. :P


Matt and I intended to get some grocery shopping done (our fridge is pathetic, at the moment), but ended up taking a leisurely stroll through the local mall instead.

I spent the rest of my day working on the calendar for the Comp-Sci crowd. It's not finished, but it's coming along nicely.


The Santa Claus Parade was on, so I decided to go to mom and dad's to watch it with my family. Dad was kind enough to have picked up a carton of vanilla soymilk and a non-dairy chocolate bar for me, so I made enough hot chocolate for everyone. Dad's and mine had a touch of cognac in it, since the corporate spirit of the parade can be a bit much to take while stone sober. Caty and I revelled in making wisecracks about the lack of continuity (or even seasonal relevance) between the floats. It's become a tradition for us. :)

I also got caught up on my BSG and am relieved that there won't be any new episodes until the first week of December — I love the show, but I have things to do!


I guess the calendar was weighing a lot of my mind, so the fact that I got as much work done on it as I did has taken a lot of pressure off. I'm now almost done taking care of everyone's gifts. I still have to get something for Matt's family, and finish another project, but that'll be the last of it. While Matt and I wait to hear from the reception space we're trying to book, I've managed to get the rest of my To Do list mostly taken care of.

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At Tue Nov 21, 03:36:00 pm GMT-5, Blogger Michelle Hopp said...

I was actually debating whether or not to call you to see if you were going to make it to the parade.

We ended up having a pretty hectic day running errands instead.


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