Thursday, August 24, 2006

I may end up being sent home early

I got called in to work at normal time today to help out a co-worker with her project and was asked to complete my assigned tasks by 11:30am. That done, I spent a half-hour tidying up my email inbox and my computer's files, then had a bite to eat at my desk. This brings me to 12:30pm, with nothing to do and little to no chance that I'll have something to work on today. Odds are good that I'll be sent home early again.

I've been taking the free-time opportunities this week to get some of the errands and chores done which have been piling up as a result of being unable to accomplish them during my (socially-packed) weekends. As a result, I'm finding I'm nowhere near as stressed about my "To Do" list as I was on Monday. Case in point, I went and had my hair cut yesterday and made it home relatively early, leaving me free to look for some of mom's birthday gift today (I'm supposed to meet Caty at the Eaton Centre after work).

I still don't know when I'm going to cram in a trip to the Ex with Caty, but I've already bought the passes, so I'll be trying to iron that out tonight, I imagine.

In the random thoughts category:

  • I've noticed that my friends don't update their blogs as often as I do, hm

  • ugh, is there anything to eat at Red Lobster that isn't drenched in butter or cheese?

  • I'm thinking I might revert to wearing my hair curly this fall/winter, it's friendlier to the cuticles

  • The Eraser is a seriously good album

  • I had a homeless guy compliment me the other day, I think he was more impressed that I was "tanned" than "good looking"

  • I'm thinking of adapting my Tortilla Strata to be gluten-free for when Tim, Laur and the kids come over next month

  • SQUEE! The Comic Con is fast approaching

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At Thu Aug 24, 05:39:00 pm GMT-4, Anonymous fa_homewood said...

I'm afraid every item on Red Lobster's menu is loaded with butter. However, you can probably ask them not to put any but that's a little risky.

I like going to Red Lobster and I go there when I have a craving for fish. I always go for "Tilapia In A Bag". It is actually two pieces of tilapia fillets on a bed of rice and mixed vegetables sauted on garlic, onions and some kind of sauce and I'm pretty sure, butter is thrown in there. It is an ideal serving because the whole concoction is not too heavy in the tummy.

WOW!!!! Never had that unique experience of being complimented by a homeless person.

We missed you last night, by the way, for Karlo's birthday. Caty came out and I was really pleased to see her. We had all kinds of questions for her about her recent trip to France. It was good exchanging pleasantries with her and your dad too.

Well, enjoy The Ex again. I might be going there this year for a little change. I don't usually go every year but maybe this time, I will.

Yes, you are one busy bee but that's the way to do it especially with the nice weather that is still upon us. Don't you think you need your own social secretary just to keep tabs of your social calendar?

At Fri Aug 25, 08:49:00 am GMT-4, Blogger Emma said...

Sorry I'm not blogging much. I've just been so tired and uninteresting lately. If you keep "relationship" thing out of it.


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