Friday, March 15, 2013

Yum! Homemade "hamburger buns"

As aforementioned, cold weather seems to call me to experiment with baking yeast breads. Thus it was that earlier today — when I asked Kara to accompany me to the local bakery and she refused — I didn't exactly feel put out that I'd be able to work on a batch of "hamburger buns". Yes, that's in quotes. The thing is that I haven't yet found a bun or roll recipe which didn't produce a sickeningly sweet bread. Today I thought I'd give my go-to white bread recipe a shot, halving the amounts and shaping the dough into rounds, rather than dropping it into a loaf pan.

I substituted half the bread flour with (all-purpose) whole wheat flour, and brushed the tops with melted margarine, rather than shortening.

It worked spectacularly! These are a little more crusty at the top than store-bought hamburger bans, but it's a welcome change. I got a nice crumb, too; that's practically unheard of for a bread which I haven't added extra protein (i.e., egg) to. I daresay I'm going to end up making this when I'm next searching for a dinner roll recipe.

P.S. Faithful readers (both of you), I'm getting really sick of having to massage the code for a blog post, so I'm going to switch to the "new" Blogger formatting shortly. I will update this page to link to the new one when that occurs.



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