Thursday, January 03, 2013

Definitely one of my more successful yeast breads

Happy New Year! At certain times of year, I find myself draw to season-specific recipes. This is seems to be a time of year that I equate with baking bread.

I found last year's iteration of this bread recipe was sweeter than I would have preferred, so I modified things this time and found the results were spectacular!

I used a half and half blend of unbleached all-purpose flour and whole wheat all-purpose flour, 1 ½ tablespoons of sugar, 4 ½ tablespoons of yeast, and all other ingredients in the quantities listed.

I used a dough hook to knead the bread, and didn't bother with a second rise; instead, I proofed the dough in the greased loaf pan which I baked the bread in. Once it had risen, I popped it into our toaster oven, on the convection setting, for about 20 minutes.

The bread turned out really well and not sweet at all. I'll have to try making this again.


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