Sunday, July 08, 2012

Christmas came early this year!

When Emma asked how one handles squash blossoms, I thought she was asking for cooking suggestions. When she then stated that she'd bring them over during a visit on Saturday, I was literally speechless with excitement! Much gratitude, then, to the Hungs for sharing some enormous zucchini blossoms from their garden with me!

These were stuffed with a cream chezz, sea salt, black pepper and fresh thyme mixture. They were then battered in a flour, ice-cold water and egg wash and fried in a shallow cast iron skillet, turning each blossom once to fry both sides.

They were unbelievably delicious!



At Mon Jul 09, 10:50:00 am GMT-4, Blogger Emma said...

So glad you enjoyed them. Harvesting the flowers on Saturday helped to give us a break from the flood of zucchini we've had all week.

I've already made one loaf of zucchini bread, for my next attempt I think I'll try chocolate zucchini bread.

We enjoyed some rainbow swiss chard from the garden last night. Tonight, I think we'll have some zucchini and fresh basil on our pizza.

So far Logan has been able to keep pace with the ripening cherry tomatoes, or "matoes" as he calls them. As far as he's concerned they're his, and not to be shared with anybody.

At Mon Jul 09, 01:52:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger ghanima said...

Hee! All I can now do is picture him clutching a bowl of tomatoes to his chest. :)

At Tue Jul 10, 08:38:00 am GMT-4, Blogger Emma said...

LOL, yes that about sums it up. He was quite offended when I tried one the other day.

Austin saw this post and now he wants to try eating the blossoms, we can try it now he says because we just bought a cast iron skillet on Saturday. Guess I'll have to track down some cream chezz.

At Tue Jul 10, 10:57:00 am GMT-4, Blogger ghanima said...

Ambrosia's got it. The No Frills at Yonge and Steeles has it too, but I think it's more pricey there.


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