Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The ultimely demise of Frank

I woke up this morning with a stomach-ache most foul, and was unable to rule out the possibility that it was due to the latest adventure with my sourdough culture (a super-yummy repeat of the cinnamon rolls I made previously). I chose to say farewell to the "pet" I've been cultivating since early-May.

Fear not, 'though, old chums, methinks a Frank II will soon be in the works. I've just got too many culinary experiments to attempt before I can say I've mastered sourdough.



At Thu Sep 20, 02:50:00 pm GMT-4, Anonymous brew-san said...

Alas poor Frank, we hardly knew ye..

At Thu Sep 20, 03:56:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger Emma said...

I know I was looking forward to meeting him. *pats tummy*


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