Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sick like dog

I've spent the past three days sleeping erratically and having various off-coloured fluids escape through my mouth and nose.

On Monday, I stepped into the elevator in the apartment building and, before hitting any buttons, felt a sharp, stabbing pain in my abdomen. As it didn't subside quickly, I decided that it would be prudent to call in sick. The lack of relapse over the next few hours led me to believe that a trip to the grocery store and a bread-making session with Frank wouldn't cause any harm. The bread turned out beautifully, but the trip to the grocery store ended in a fit of sniffles and sneezes. I napped almost immediately upon returning home, only to find that my mildly-irritated throat had erupted into a full-blown, sore, scratchy throat. I slept fitfully on Monday night, and woke on Tuesday, feeling worse than I had the previous day. I spent most of the day watching She-Ra episodes and napping sporadically. While I had the energy in the morning, I made a chicken soup with Campbell's Organic Vegetable Broth, chicken leg and thigh meat, onion, garlic, ginger, fresh tarragon (thanks, Caty!), carrot and portobello mushroom. Feeling better on Tuesday night, I was optimistic that I'd spend most of Wednesday finishing my recuperation, so that I could return to work on Thursday.

This was before I discovered that the construction for the condo being built next door had knocked out not only the power to our building, but phone service as well. For the hour that power was restored, I managed to reheat the leftover soup and make myself a pot of tea. I was hesitant to venture outside of the apartment after we lost power again, knowing that I'd eventually — in my already respiratorily-distressed state — have to climb the stairs back up. Around 7pm (about 8 hours after my previous meal), I asked Matt to go to the local "Mom and Pop" to pick me up a dinner, distressed to discover that my voice had deteriorated from almost-normal in the morning, to barely audible and wavering in the evening. I also had dizzy spells while Matt was out getting my dinner.

Power was fully restored at about 7:30, with phone service returning about 2 hours later, but I suspect that the inconveniences of the day have set my recovery back by at least a day.

As a sidenote, whoever authorized construction on these condos also approved the destruction of at least a half-dozen of the near-mature trees our building had lining our walkway. This reckless disregard for nature came as news was breaking that more trees are to be planted in the community to better meet the Kyoto Accord requirements.

That's two strikes against them, in my book.

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At Fri Aug 17, 10:46:00 am GMT-4, Anonymous Michelle said...

Hey, Bruce mentioned on Monday that you weren't feeling too well. Hope you're better soon. I've been out of it lately too. Totally looking forward to the weekend.

That's disheartening to hear about the trees, people suck.

At Mon Aug 20, 01:39:00 am GMT-4, Blogger obachan said...

OMG, what an experience! I hope you are feeling better now.

At Mon Aug 20, 09:26:00 am GMT-4, Blogger ghanima said...

Michelle: Sadly, I'm still not feeling 100%, but was told by the doctor I saw on Friday that I could return to work today. At least I know it's not Strep throat.

Obachan: I'm still a little bitter about how miserable an experience my "recovery" was, but am glad to at least be on the mend. Thanks for wishing me well.


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