Friday, August 03, 2007

At a loss for words...

I'm still struggling with the question of what I share of what life has been like lately, and with whom. Before this year, I was of the opinion that I was as open a person as you'd ever meet. I thought that asking a "personal" question of me would always elicit an honest and direct response. A blog, while not necessarily broadcasting the details of my life and personal history, was just a way of effectively sharing what's been on my mind with friends and family.

Before blogging, you simply communicated directly with whomever you wished to speak with, about whichever topic or topics you chose. With blogging, you're withholding details about your day-to-day existence, and when that existence is practically filled-to-the-brim with intensely sensitive, personal issues, you find yourself at a loss for words.

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At Sat Aug 04, 12:28:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger Caty said...

I don't know what I could possibly say in response to that. What could I say? I have no idea. And so I remain speechless. Speechless. Yes, truly speechless. Yup. Nothing to be said. So few words to use. What words could I use? I just don't know. And so I remain silent. Like a mouse. Yes, just as quiet as a tiny quiet mouse. Not speaking. Not saying anything. Barely squeaking even. With cheese. Quiet cheese. A tiny quiet mouse with tiny quiet cheese in a tiny silent room. No sound. Just like that, I too have no words to express my speechlessness.

Seriously though, a blog isn't the same as calling someone or talking to a friend face to face. If I have a personal issue I'm not going to broadcast it over a public forum that anyone could stumble across. There are more private means of communicating sensitive issues and there's nothing wrong with doing that when the situation calls for it.

At Fri Aug 10, 12:50:00 pm GMT-4, Anonymous Laura S said...

Exactly the reason that I don't have a blog. I'm a little more cautious that many with what I tell to whom, & broadcasting it to the world just doesn't appeal to me.
I hate it when ppl know things about me that I didn't tell them. Particularly if it's personal. Which, it seems, is the stuff they always want to bring up.

So.. I understand. *hugs* :)


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