Friday, September 21, 2007

Time to strategize

I'm fed up with my job. I'm tired of having to explain to my bosses (there are two of them) why I'm taking medical appointments, as if they have any right to know; employee confidentiality doesn't exist there; I'm tired of the lack of organization; I hate that my boss spends half her days trying to locate files; I'm sick of her favouritism; I hate that there isn't established procedure for new hires; I hate that there isn't so much as a docket system; I'm tired of the shoddy treatment of overtime-workers (who shouldn't even exist, according to the employee contract); I hate having to worry about when I'm going to be able to escape to get myself a suitable meal; I hate that management occasionally springs for pizza, which I can't eat; I hate that I have to be extra careful on my way home, late at night from downtown Toronto; I'm tired of having to keep quiet so as not to offend my co-workers (who ought to be on "the same side", not against one another); I'm tired of broken promises.

My probation was to have ended almost two months ago, my managers opted to extend it for another 3 months, with monthly "check-ups". Today was to be the first of my successive reviews, and I was going to resign. Silly me, I should've known that they wouldn't be able to effectively schedule that in. An hour before my review, I got notice that it's rescheduled for Wednesday of next week. I spent the remainder of the day debating handing in my notice (and four-page letter of grievance) any way.

Now that I've made it through the day, I'm debating making demands, should they wish to keep me. Might as well, I figure.

Maybe I'll just do what others do in my situation: keep collecting a steady paycheque until I find another job and can tell them where to go. In all honesty, 'though, I don't think I have the patience for it at this point.

I guess the good news is that I'm finding my voice again, and actively working at improving my life.

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