Thursday, December 21, 2006

Been pulling my hair out...
...but not literally.

Ah, the editors at Scholastic. Give 'em 3 days, or 3 weeks, to make revisions to a project and they will use exactly the specified amount of time to make those changes, with the last 5 rounds of changes made in one day. Such has been my week. It's only now, a half-an-hour after approval — and after my usual quitting time — that I have time enough to breathe and figure out what my status is on the next project.

Had I not gone swimming last night, I'm sure I'd be wound so tight, I would have been extremely unpleasant to work with.

In other news, that guy who sits beside me gave his notice today. He won't be returning after the holiday hiatus, and most of the employees, including him, got far enough on their upcoming projects that they won't be in tomorrow either. So, I won't be seeing him again. I'm of mixed opinion about this: some of the time, he was a bit of a kiss-ass, but some of the time, he let his frustrations show (proving he was human, after all). Well, I hope for the best for him any way, it sounds like he was experiencing some anxiety over freelancing. He seems quite happy to have found full-time work close to home.

I'll be coming in tomorrow to get as far ahead as I can on my next project, and to give my supervisor her Christmas gift. Then, hopefully, I can leave early and kickstart my Christmas vacation.



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