Monday, December 18, 2006

Sure signs you have PMS

#253: When DCM "suggests" a layout to you which will "improve" the flow of information — completely ignorant of the fact that the layout she's suggesting couldn't possibly work properly within the space provided — tearing her head off and kicking it as hard and far as you can seems like it might be a good idea, after all.



At Tue Dec 19, 09:30:00 am GMT-5, Blogger MiraFabulous said...

... immediately followed by a craving for chocolate and the overwhelming impulse to cry.

At Tue Dec 19, 09:50:00 am GMT-5, Anonymous Men's Association 'Nonymous said...

Representing men everywhere, we would like to lend you our support by saying: RUN AWAY!

At Tue Dec 19, 08:03:00 pm GMT-5, Blogger Michelle Hopp said...


Oh, man, my sides hurt.


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