Saturday, September 02, 2006

FanExpo 2006

Yesterday, Caty and Ken decided to join Bruce, Jess and me for their first excursion to the annual Toronto Comic / Anime / Gaming / Horror convention. Caty was good enough to pick up both of our tickets before I got off work, so that we could meet up afterwards and head right into the convention centre without waiting in the always ridiculously-long line for tickets after 5pm. Bruce and Ken met us, quite by accident, just outside the North building. Caty and I were feeling a bit peckish, so we split a fries and gravy from a chip truck that was parked on Front Street. It was here that I got my first cosplayer photo for the day, of Naruto and Sakura from the Naruto anime and Yuki from Fruits Basket (Caty adores both of these anime).

As this was Caty's first ever "con", I warned her to wear comfortable shoes, travel lightly, and bring as much money as she could bear to part with. I think a bag I saw at one of these events a few years ago summed it up best: "Anime: Crack is Cheaper". Fortunately, the fact that anime has gone a little more mainstream, or at least, has a larger underground following, means that you're not likely to have to spend $40 on a single anime DVD any more.

I'd been wanting to pick up the Cowboy Bebop series ever since Bruce lent it to me (at least 4 years ago), and can happily say that I am now the proud owner of #1-6 of the audio-remastered DVDs. I also picked up the Lain Signature Series DVDs (read: less expensive than the first release, and not anywhere near as rare). Lain is in my Top 10 of favourite anime. Maybe some day I'll sort out what the other 9 are. ;)

Other finds: two really beautiful art prints -- which Bruce has at the moment, because he was smart enough to bring a mailing tube, and I wasn't -- an early birthday present for Matt and the Fables Trade PaperBacks, #2-7 (both Caty and I already have our own copies of #1 -- it seems most people do). Great news, too: the Bargain Gods were smiling upon me yesterday, so I managed to get everything for at least 20% what I was willing to pay for them.

It was another insanely exhausting con, but the cosplayer photo-ops, awesome deals and stellar company made it all worthwhile.



At Sat Sep 02, 05:42:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger Emma said...

Wow and you called me a geek for watching a video about string theory. :P

Did you guys end up going to that video game music concert? I thought I heard something about it on the news yesterday.

At Sat Sep 02, 06:31:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger ghanima said...

Em, dear, you are a geek for watching a video about string theory. I'm a different kind of geek for going to comic cons and having survival strategies and wish lists. :)

I think Matt's still hoping to go to the video game concert, but he hasn't told me anything about it, I'm not sure if he's actually going to make the effort or not...

At Sat Sep 02, 07:35:00 pm GMT-4, Anonymous brew-san said...

Hmmm.. I went to the con and would love to watch a video on string theory.. I wonder what that makes me?

At Sun Sep 03, 10:30:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger ghanima said...


And sexy. ;P


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