Monday, July 31, 2006

...and she's back

Blogger's being cranky this morning, so this may take a while to post.

It looks like I'm going to be able to create a new post, but I can't upload imagery. I'll try to get around to that tonight.

Update: imagery! Sorry for the blurriness -- I hate using my flash, but setting the ISO to 400 still wasn't providing enough light...

Matt and I arrived at the airport at 4pm yesterday, as Caty's flight was expected in around 4:30-5:00, so we ended up having a bite to eat at the Yorkville Grill (a pitiful fast food establishment in Terminal 1). Matt paid way too much for a burger, poutine and a Coke, whereas I paid a little more than was necessary for a fries and gravy. After eating, it was 4:30, so we wandered downstairs to the Arrivals gate to see what the flight's status was. The expected 5:15 arrival was listed as Delayed, so we opted to park our butts on some of the lovely (ick) Terminal 1 seating. We met up with mom and dad as we made our way to our seats.

Within a matter of minutes, mom got up to wait (with bated breath, no doubt) by the gate. Another 15 minutes or so later, dad got up too. Another 15 minutes had elapsed, and seeing that a lot of young people were pouring through the gate, I also got up to wait, as I expected that these were all UofT French immersion students like Caty. Her flight arrived at 17:19 EST, and she came through the gate within minutes of the first of the France batch of students. She caught my eye first, and seemed relieved to be back (or perhaps relieved that someone had arrived to pick her up!).

The rest of the evening was spent having dinner, hearing about various things she had done, where she had gone and seeing some of the photos she'd taken. Dad and Matt were sitting on the edge of their seats with excitement. ;)

No doubt, once she's rested, she'll be posting a blog update of her own, and sorting out how to share pictures. In the meantime, I've got a giant (birthday present!) bottle of Hoegaarden to keep me occupied...

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At Mon Jul 31, 01:59:00 pm GMT-4, Anonymous Bruce said...

Glad to hear she's back safe and sound. I'm guessing the rest of us aren't going to get to hear the stories etc. until your birthday party.

At Mon Jul 31, 02:47:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger ghanima said...

Right, about that...


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