Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I actually got to cook something new!

It took splitting tasks up into 3-day chunks to do it in, but I was able to make Japanese-style curry at home! On Sunday, I chopped carrots into "coins"; on Monday, I pan-fried steak; yesterday, I chopped and assembled everything else that went into the curry. The ingredients I used are:
  • S&B Foods Golden Curry Sauce Mix Mild in the Jumbo size
    (and half the package of curry mix)
  • one clove of minced organic garlic
  • one chopped organic yellow onion
  • chopped steak
  • one finely chopped, peeled potato
  • the aforementioned carrots
  • sliced organic (whatever that means in this case) mushrooms
  • frozen organic peas
  • one seeded, chopped sweet bell pepper
It was served over organic brown basmati rice. I'm pleased to say that I found it less sweet than the Japanese curry I've had in Toronto's equivalent of a Japanese homestyle eatery. I'd gladly make this again; this is good, because I've still got a half-package of curry mix left.



At Wed Nov 10, 03:55:00 pm GMT-5, Blogger rrwood said...

Looks great!

Any opinions on red vs green peppers? I tend to prefer the former myself since they are sweeter and I like the colour....

At Wed Nov 10, 04:53:00 pm GMT-5, Blogger ghanima said...

I'm generally of the opinion that green peppers are a blight to the good name of "pepper", so consider my thoughts on the matter similar to yours. :)


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