Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fingers crossed

Kara went 5 hours between feedings last night. The only time she's ever done that in the past is when she was a newborn and still seemed to need hardcore sleeps. Here's to hoping that this isn't a sign of an impending growth spurt, and is instead an indication that she's going to start sleeping longer.



At Thu Nov 04, 02:49:00 pm GMT-4, Anonymous Kevin said...

Are growth spurts bad? Don't you expect her to get bigger?

They don't stay tiny forever you know! :)

At Thu Nov 04, 07:42:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger ghanima said...

Considering the fact that growth spurts mean that the baby's feeding as often as every hour, yeah, they kinda suck. While it's great that Kara's getting bigger, the fact that she's kind of been on a constant growth spurt since she was born is sort of nightmarish. By which I mean, "lots".


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