Saturday, August 28, 2010

Double dammit.

Kara's just finishing up her first cold. Clearly, this blows out of the water any hopes I had of not having an infected baby before she learned to understand English.

We took her to the Emergency Room at North York General Hospital (again) early Friday morning after the mucous build-up she was experiencing caused her to gag, then vomit (profusely) late on Thursday night. The doctor who diagnosed her last time got to see Kara again and delivered the news that she had a simple cold virus and that — if she didn't develop a fever, become lethargic or produce pea-green vomit — there was nothing to worry about and little we could do to help.

So we returned home, cranked up the humidifier and I took to nursing her 'til she was near-unconscious as a method of getting her to sleep. Yesterday, she didn't really experience a respite from the mucus, but it seems to have cleared some time between her 12:30 am feeding and her 3:00 am feeding. I think her speedy recovery may have been helped by the fact that I'm probably responsible for passing the cold on to her in the first place, as I was experiencing full-blown symptoms of a throat-sinus cold from early Tuesday morning until around when we took Kara in to the ER. So, apparently breastmilk is made up of unicorn kisses.



At Sat Aug 28, 05:21:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger Emma said...

Boo! Feel better both of you!
BTW we took Logan to get his skull ex-rayed on Thursday. The people in the waiting room all stared as we came out. "What's wrong with the poor guy?" "Oh his head's a funny shape and we want to be sure it's not fusing in a funky way" Somehow doesn't seem to justify the screaming. :( He appears to have forgiven us though.

At Tue Aug 31, 03:58:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger ghanima said...

We had Kara's ultrasound technician (during her follow-up to the urinary tract infection) convinced that Kara's screaming was because she was hungry, not because she's just really good at screaming and didn't want to undergo an ultrasound.

You'd think these people had never seen a screaming baby before.


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