Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another, another day...
...another dollar

Well, it looks like I've taken the plunge back into the world of full-time freelancing (an oxymoron, obviously). After having spent most of the past week experiencing mild anxiety at returning to contract work, the fact that I was going back to a familiar 2-month gig with familiar co-workers (7 of the 8 full-time team members I worked with last time are still here) was a great relief. I'm pleased to report that I got along well with everybody the last time I was here, and find that I'm doing so again.

That said, it's been an adjustment to jump back into the same project, at a different point in the project's timeline. I'm also finding that, coming up with solutions to problems I'm encountering provides me with a a strong sense of deja vu, until I realize that I've already developed the exact same solutions to the exact same problems, just 3 short years ago.

It's also been surreal to be with familiar co-workers, but in a completely new environment. Apparently, the company changed offices over the summer from the building I was originally in — in the Yorkville neighbourhood, — to the environs of Queen & University. The huge upside being that I've got a wealth of lunchmates to meet up with while I'm here, the downside being that I'm still largely unfamiliar with how to get around in this neck of the woods.

The last time I worked here, I found it stressful to try to balance last-minute overtime with an active social calendar, but I'm optimistic that the lull in my social life which has come about in recent years will make it easier this time out.



At Wed Jan 07, 09:21:00 pm GMT-5, Blogger Michelle Hopp said...

Cool, I can try to throw rocks at your building. ;)

Every day I'm surrounded by testosterone for lunch, you should come out and help a sister out. :)

On a cold day the PATH can be your best friend for getting around downtown:


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