Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's already been a Hell of a day

I'm starting this post at 1:45 pm on Tuesday, and I've gotten up, made the bed, put away the dishes, got dressed, tossed the turkey stock I made last night into the freezer, printed out all the copy that's currently on my professional website, began and finished editing said copy, gone to my doctor's, had my girly-parts invaded (she didn't even buy me dinner!), went in for bloodwork, grabbed a sandwich, came in to work, found that CFB is out of the office today (YAY!), started making changes to the Mega-Project I'm working on, and discovered and tentatively accepted the role that Big Pimp has for me for two months, starting the week after New Year's.

Highlights: my blood pressure's textbook normal, my weight hasn't much changed, but my doctor had to profess that I look leaner, and it's looking really likely that I won't have to see my endocrinologist after next week's appointment with her.

:) Also, CFB is away, and because I didn't mention it earlier, her come-uppance Cometh, And That Right Soon.

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