Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Worst day ever

So: you know when you've been raised by a woman who leaves jobs at the drop of a hat and says it's 'cause co-workers/managers have something personal against her, and it makes you all paranoid and scared that you're gonna turn out doing the same shit when you get a job of your own?

And you know how then you end up being pleasantly surprised at the group dynamics at that crucial first job, and you're all happy? And then you find that management starts just messing things up so bad that you don't want to be there any more and you decide to move on, but everywhere you go, management has no idea what they're doing?

And then you spend years freelancing so that you don't have to stick around anywhere long enough that you discover how horrible a place is run? Hoping to avoid that kind of disappointment, at least for now?

And then you find a full-time job and you're so excited that you've finally found a role that might work out: but it turns out that it actually sucks 'cause your manager's this micromanaging control freak who wants to know the details of how to complete every single job even 'though she doesn't have to do them herself, and she keeps taking umbrage with your comparatively lackadaisical attitude to work because you don't call in on your day off "just to check in on things", or want work to be the centre of your existence? That coming in to work 5 minutes late somehow means the Gods of Graphic Design will die today, or that taking a slightly longer lunch on the rare occasions a friend or relative stops by means that the Cogs of Industry will stop turning, or that when you're sick, you sure as Hell better come in still reeling from it on penalty of not being Believed that you were sick, or that taking 5 minutes while a massive file saves to read an article online or call a family member means you're being Unproductive, or asking for time off while on probation, even if it is in the summer, means you've got an Attitude Problem.

You know how that happens and it makes you wonder how to tell if somebody is management is actually "out to get you"? No? Just me? Right then.



At Wed Nov 12, 02:34:00 pm GMT-5, Anonymous Laura S said...

Good luck! (take that to mean I hope whatever you want to happen, happens) :)

It probably won't make you feel any better, but I had the worst day I've had in ages yesterday too.

At least we were in good company!?

At Tue Nov 18, 11:15:00 am GMT-5, Blogger MiraFabulous said...

Yeah. it's amazing how much work can expect you to live and breath it - and being balanced about it,is considered uncommitted.

Sadly, there is so much left to the discretion of the manager these days, that he/she can really make or break the expereince.

I have never worked anywhere where these types of politics did not exist.


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