Sunday, October 26, 2008

Other things I've been up to

While grocery shopping today, I noticed several packages of various cuts of beef which had been reduced to 50% off for quick sale by Tuesday's "sell by" date. Grabbing two cuts of grilling steak, I returned home, ground them up in the food processor with the whites of green onions (the greens of which I'll be using later in the week) and four cloves of garlic. I was able to get four-and-a-half burgers out of two steaks! I made a decent pan gravy with the drippings, and had myself a hot hamburger plate as my early-afternoon brunch. I froze the remaining burgers and gravy for later use.

I've also spent two of the past three work weeks on a self-imposed all-produce diet, getting as much organic food in as possible, in an attempt to appease my finicky digestive tract, and to eat more in accordance with the prescribed reduced-carb diet my doctors would like to see me on. To that end, my first all-produce week resulted in me raiding the local Loblaws' produce section, as well as Ambrosia. The second week's goal was greatly aided by a weekend trip to St. Lawrence Market's Harbourfront Organic Foods, a trip I'm likely to make again on future produce-heavy endeavours.

Some highlights included homemade ratatouille, Thai green vegetable curry (no rice), mashed sweet potato with roasted garlic, Greek-inspired wilted spinach mix, and kiwi, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry fruit salad. My allowed vices: potato chips and dark chocolate (both in moderation, of course).

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At Tue Nov 04, 09:38:00 am GMT-5, Blogger Stacy said...

can I ask what else you put in the mashed sweet potatoes? I never know what to add to make it taste more savoury.

At Wed Nov 05, 04:51:00 pm GMT-5, Blogger ghanima said...

Pretty much an entire head of roasted garlic, a generous amount of olive (although obviously not enough to make it too liquid-y) and enough (sea) salt to make it savoury. Hella easy!

At Wed Nov 05, 04:51:00 pm GMT-5, Blogger ghanima said...

Oopsies. I meant olive *oil*.


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