Monday, April 09, 2007

The perils of being wired and a bride-to-be

My Gmail inbox has been steadily accumulating emails over the course of the past year. Used to keeping a "tidy" inbox — of maybe 10 messages at most, all regarding some upcoming event or conversational thread to which I have yet to respond — I'm finding that the sheer volume of emails I'm hanging on to these days both mirrors the chaotic state of my mind, and further aggravates it.

Currently, I have a whopping 43 messages awaiting me every time I log in to my account (this, after weeding out 10 unnecessary emails last week). 9 of these are regarding the wedding, all of which will be deleted upon return from Cuba. A further 15 messages concern the reception. The remaining 19 messages are items I have yet to file away, mostly because I've been so frantically sorting through the barrage of information that's been inundating me for this long.

It'll be good when I can finally clear my head inbox.

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At Tue Apr 10, 10:26:00 am GMT-4, Anonymous Austin said...

My current work inbox: 1291 items.

At Tue Apr 10, 01:10:00 pm GMT-4, Anonymous brew-san said...

work inbox? pfft.. 5686 items in mine.

At Tue Apr 10, 01:28:00 pm GMT-4, Anonymous Ruth said...

Only 5686? A mere pittance... I've got a whopping 45,127 messages in mine at work (admittedly, 44,533 of those are related to a survey we're running that I'm lucky enough to get every single freakin' response to *sigh*)

of course, that's work... my home accounts are much more organized... well, if you overlook the fact that there are 4 of them *laugh*

At Tue Apr 10, 01:44:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger MiraFabulous said...

Wow!! My work inbox has 15 messages in it.

I hate having more messgaes than fit on the screen - I don;t like to scroll down, I figure I will probably miss something.

At Tue Apr 10, 02:23:00 pm GMT-4, Anonymous Austin said...

1291 is after deleting and sorting/archiving.

At Mon Apr 16, 06:33:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger Michelle Hopp said...

Nerds! ;)


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