Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Some people get a morning coffee

I've had recurring anxiety dreams about being in falling or otherwise unstable elevators for as long as I can remember. After a young lifetime of this, I finally developed something of a phobia of the elevator experience, only to overcome that when I moved out on my own and into a 14th floor apartment.

Then, of course, come the days where the elevator acts up.

On this morning's elevator ride from my 9th floor apartment to the building's lobby, I and 5 other passengers got our daily reality-check when the car we were in fell from the 3rd floor — apparently hitting the emergency stops at each floor — to the lowest floor (3 below ground).

Around the third floor, the floor indicator light stopped working and there was a noticeable, rapid descent. I remember hearing a muffled thud, accompanied by a slowing, about 4 times, and when the doors opened, we were on level P3. The woman beside me whimpered every time we heard a thud, which struck me as odd for the simple reason that it meant that the failsafes were working.

The only concern I had for my own mortality came about when I was disappointed that, if this were to be It, I'd be dying with complete strangers.

So, any way, it looks like I'm going to be taking the stairs up the apartment henceforth, not because I'm worried about a recurrence, but because I don't want to provide fodder for more phobic dreams. My cardiovascular health is going to be pretty spectacular.



At Tue Mar 27, 01:27:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger MiraFabulous said...

And so are your legs dah-ling!

I'm glad you're safe.


At Tue Mar 27, 03:08:00 pm GMT-4, Anonymous emma said...

Oh dear! I don't trust the elevators in that building either. I got a pretty nasty bruse because the door was determined to close despite my being in the way. Of course there was that time I got trapped in the elevator at Byng. Mind you it had the good sense to get stuck on the bottom floor, so all I had to deal with were feelings of claustrophobia.

I'm glad you're safe too!

At Wed Mar 28, 01:23:00 am GMT-4, Blogger Caty said...

EEK! I have elevator phobias too, remember? I probably would have wet myself by the time we got to the bottom. I think that phobia started when I was stuck in an elevator with Lola when I was a young kid and the car started shaking up and down around the 5th floor. Or maybe it started when I was stuck in an elevator with that clown trying to kill me. No...wait...that's where my fear of clowns developed. ;p

At Wed Mar 28, 10:54:00 am GMT-4, Anonymous Austin said...

Yoikes. I'm glad you're safe! Time to sue someone! bwahahahahaha.

I have phobophobia.


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