Monday, January 01, 2007

My head is like a football

We were over at Kev and Michelle's last night for the annual New Year's Eve gathering. Matt, Caty and I originally planned to go there first, then over to Tito Nano's for his birthday/New Year's Eve party (an annual tradition, for the Garcia family). By 11pm, however — when we were aiming for going over to the other party — I and many other of the party attendees had gotten into tequila shots, putting the kibosh on any plans to leave. Mike brought Guitar Hero, a game which I (unexpectedly) suck at, and Matt (also unexpectedly) has a talent for. Bruce brought Settlers, and a late-night poker game started up for the more sober members of the party. Bruce, Caty and I were invited over to the next door neighbours' house for caldereta, so we went. I didn't get to try any myself, but Bruce certainly seemed to enjoy his helping.

The copious amounts of water I had after my self-imposed cut-off contributed to the fact that I'm hangover-free, no doubt.



At Mon Jan 01, 04:45:00 pm GMT-5, Anonymous fa_homewood said...

We knew that might have been the case when both you girls and Matt didn't show up before midnight.

As usual, the combined birthday / New Year's Eve party was as noisy as ever. The "karaoke gang" was the culprit due to some members of the famly who loooove to "sing" (if one can call it that). Your Tito Rolet was in a singing mood and he was not so bad really...

Caldereta at the next door neighbour's house???? I take it that the neighbours are Filipinos.

We left at 1:58 am and by the time I hit my pillows, it was almost 4 am. Right now, I am taking it easy and have no intention at all in going out..down time, so to speak.

Do continue to enjoy your New Year's celebration. Party on...

At Wed Jan 03, 03:05:00 pm GMT-5, Anonymous Stacy said...

Happy new year!

Dude, I also suck at Guitar Hero, and spent a large portion of my new years eve squished into our spare room with others playing it. its a good party game, and I like to rock out even though I may not be good enough to be considered a hero. maybe an anti-hero.


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