Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What I've been up to...
...the big reveal

I spent the majority of December working on a custom-made photo album for dad.

It started with a search on Flickr for "Laushway", one day in September when I was bored. Among the hits was a vintage photo of Thomas Laushway, posted by a user who — as it turns out — is the great-grandaughter of my great-aunt. For those not keeping score, that means there's a one-generation-sized generation gap between us. Such are the intracacies of having 17 children descend from you: your great-niece is a contemporary of your granddaughter.

After a bit of online correspondence, she and I were contacted by a relative whose hobby is to compile as complete a family history as possible. She provided me with an image of my grandfather with his first wife (not my dad's mom).

Around this time, my always-lovely-and-charming Aunt Rita sent along a bunch of her old photos just because she's in the habit of decluttering her place, these days.

After that, I couldn't help but believe the time was right to collect the images I'd been given into something useful — a pictoral family history record.

With mom's help smuggling photos out of the house, and Matt and Caty's contributions in helping me not go completely insane from the amount of work undertaken, I succeeded in finishing this project off before I felt really pressured for time.

The first 42 images found here, at my Vintage Family Photos Photoset on Flickr — complete with annotation — are the fruits of my labour (she says, dramatically).

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At Fri Dec 29, 10:34:00 pm GMT-5, Blogger Michelle Hopp said...

I know I've already told you in person but I love it, love it, love it. I'm sure your dad was totally floored by both the effort and the end result.

A totally awesome Christmas gift. :)

At Sat Dec 30, 11:05:00 am GMT-5, Blogger ghanima said...

It's funny: I think mom liked the gift a great deal more than dad did, because dad, at least, has read the family history my Uncle Max developed years ago (before he passed). Mom just didn't have the patience to sift through all the unrelated information, and didn't have faces to put to many of the names. The album I made up combines Uncle Max's history with old family photos; mom expressed her gratitude at being able to refer to the information on a strictly visual basis.

I think it'll be a few years until I undertake a project that big for Christmas-time again. :)

At Tue Jan 02, 09:20:00 pm GMT-5, Anonymous fa_homewood said...

Well, let me repeat myself here....

It was truly a magnificent tribute to your dad for putting together an album like that. Needless to say, it is one for posterity.

I forwarded it to the rest of the family members and everyone was in awe of your efforts.

Simply awesome, kiddo...


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