Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Swimming is relaxing

Most of the reason that Extreme Fitness was as appealing to me as it was is their saltwater pool. Those who know me are well aware of the fact that I'm a water-rat (or water-baby, if you'd rather I use that euphemism). Yesterday, on my way to the gym for my fifth swim in five weeks, it occurred to me that — while I'm constantly torn between going for my swim or accomplishing tasks/unwinding at home — I crave the exertion and resultant exhaustion which results from going swimming. Week after week, I contemplate going home instead, and week after week the urge to swim wins out. I've found an activity that I don't want to slack on, a fact which means that I get regular cardio, get out of the apartment, get some time to "meditate" and usually get to bed "on time".

Yesterday's challenge was to try, "blind" of course, to improve my form. I imagine I'll be working at that for the next few weeks.

I'm currently sorting out whether or not I want to try going twice a week. I'm not a fan of carrying my swim gear in to work, but it's really hard to find time on the weekends, which are still full of social engagements. Hm.



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