Sunday, May 01, 2011

A taste of (delicious, delicious) victory!

What's that expression about when you fall off the horse?

A conversation with Matt early last week had me deciding that I was going to look into tourtière recipes. A brief research-session showed that there was no such thing as a quintessential tourtiere. I decided to go to my favourite Western-food recipe site and chose this highly-rated recipe for tourtiere out of the lot — it's a good sign when a "grandma" recipe gets rave reviews.

The original recipe makes eight(!) pies, so I scaled it down to a more-manageable two. Four pounds of ground meat is just the right amount to fit my largest pan with enough room to stir. A trip to the supermarket proved that my options — as far as "liquid chicken seasoning" were concerned — were, unfortunately, chock-full of preservatives. I went with the lesser of several evils and settled on Knorr's Homestyle Chicken Stock. I might try to use homemade chicken stock next time.

I have yet to taste the pie itself, but the filling was perfect. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the spices don't much alter the flavour of the meat, whereas the chicken seasoning is what makes the pie taste authentically tourtiere-like.

After the "crushing" defeat I suffered at the hands of the latest batch of vegan crumb cake, it's not to score a victory again.



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