Thursday, July 08, 2010

They grow so fast...
...and thank God for that!

It's a disappointing setback to have Kara develop a urinary tract infection so early in her young life. The antibiotics seem to be giving her a case of diarrhea — a fact I'm trying to mitigate by giving her probiotics). As a result, the initial discomfort she seemed to be experiencing due to the antibiotics has abated.

Kara no longer experiences colic or colic-like behaviour. I can't say exactly when her last episode was, but it was probably mid-day for a few minutes. It always seemed to precede a big poop or burp, so I'm going to back up the countless parents' claim that colic is due to gas. I'm glad that chapter of her existence seems to have ended.

Still, 8:00 pm 'til 11:00 pm is a time during which we can consistently count on her to show us how she earned the nickname, "Polly Pissy Pants". During that time, she constantly fusses: she seems hungry, but quickly refuses the breast, then has a big burp, then seems upset that we haven't been feeding her, a slightly wet diaper seems to bother her far more than during the day. The one time she didn't exhibit this fussiness was during a day in which her morning and afternoon naps were interrupted by a grocery trip and visitors, respectively, resulting in a long late-afternoon nap. Unfortunately, sacrificing daytime sleep in the hopes of having her take a nap later in the day is probably ill-advised. Once this behaviour passes, I'll feel like we've cleared the last hurdle which her newborn-self had difficulty with.

Of course, then she'll probably start teething.

In the meantime, the hard work of addressing her need to be held during the first 9-and-some weeks of her existence seems to have paid off. She's quite comfortable with being on her own for stretches of time, sleeps soundly and for increasingly-longer stretches (there tends to be a 4-hour chunk per night now), and she's taken so well to her crib that she's capable of falling asleep in it on her own with minor coaxing.

Her head control is excellent and she's already working at sitting (she can "sit" by leaning forward onto her hands for short periods of time) and standing (she's insisted on putting weight on her legs while being held upright, and seems to really enjoy being in the standing position — probably so that she can have a better look around).

Yes, she's growing quickly, but — for right now, at least — this is a fact I'm quite happy about. Seeing her independence flourish is genuinely delightful.



At Sat Jul 10, 11:22:00 am GMT-4, Blogger Stacy said...

A four hour stretch at night is quite the achievement at this age. Congrats! You must be completely bursting with new-found energy!

(For the record, that first part was sincere. The second was sarcasm.)

PS - I was in false labour the other night. My god, that sucks, yes?

At Sat Jul 10, 04:34:00 pm GMT-4, Blogger ghanima said...

Heh. Yes, four hours of sleep per night is positively luxurious at this stage. Unfortunately, it hasn't been consistent since Kara started the antibiotics — I'm betting they're interfering with her digestive system enough that she can't eat as much as she was.

Also, yes. False labour sucks. A lot. Oh my God, does it suck. It sounds like yours let up, 'though, so congrats there. Mine went for 20 hours before I went into true labour.


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