Saturday, May 08, 2010

Life with a newborn...
...before you know it, becomes life with a 4-week-old

The time really does go faster. For that reason, I doubt this is going to be a food-related blog for a while.

On the one hand, I find that I look forward to milestones like when Kara will be able to talk — if for no more complicated a reason than that I'll finally be able to understand how to soothe her when she's upset — on the other hand, I see that she's already a month into changing into the person she's going to become, instead of staying the person she was.

There really is no way to understand how completely overwhelming the whole process is until you undertake it for yourself. You're sleep-deprived, relying on anyone and everyone who's offered to help (whether or not you feel you ought to, just to get the chance to rest for a while), and the most profound thought you have occurs when you realize that one little mistake could completely destroy this life you've already worked so hard to help along.



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